myIDFi for Realtor Users Onboarding Guide v1.1

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A quick introduction and guide to onboarding as a Realtor on the myIDFi application. (Release v1.2.0)


We’re thrilled to have you join the myIDFi family. This guide will introduce you to myIDFi, a user-friendly tool that can give you, as a realtor, a competitive edge.
What is myIDFi?
myIDFi is a web3/AI-based platform that simplifies the process of shopping for live mortgage offers. For realtors, it introduces the capability to introduce your clients to myIDFi, manage the mortgage process on their behalf, and track their progress.

Shopping for a Mortgage

myIDFi makes finding a mortgage easy. Your clients create their preferred mortgage scenario using our mortgage calculator and place their request on our anonymous open marketplace, eliminating the need to visit multiple lenders’ websites. As a Realtor partner on myIDFi, you will know when your Client creates an Account when they have placed their request for financing when bids are received from participating Lenders, and when they accept an offer.

Live Offers

Lenders on our platform provide live offers, not just quotes. Your clients can compare mortgage rates and terms and share their data and documents only with the winning lender once they accept an offer. With our notification system, as their Realtor, you may view the bids and make recommendations to your Client.

Safe and Secure

Your Client’s personal information is securely handled, with access limited to the winning lender. myIDFi also prevents data sales to third parties and minimizes industry mass marketing. myIDFi is a game changer for your Client and provides a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Realtor Benefits

For Realtors, trust and efficiency are crucial in purchase transactions. myIDFi can address these concerns by offering you the following advantages:

  • Build your Lender Portfolio: Easily share your trusted lenders with your clients, allowing them to choose the best offer while staying compliant with industry regulations.
  • Managing your Clients: Most Realtors lose track of their clients once they start the mortgage journey. That is not the case with myIDFi. myIDFi empowers insights into the mortgage process that are unique to myIDFi.

How to Get Started with myIDFi

To begin using myIDFi, visit and follow these steps:

Creating Your Account

  • Click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ (1) button or the ‘Signup’ link in the header (2).

Not Ready to Onboard? Request A Demo

If you are not ready to create an account and are looking for a demo you may scroll down the page to the ‘Realtors’ (3) section and request a demo. You may also schedule a demo with this link.

Accessing the Application

  • The application is embedded in the myIDFi homepage. If you want to access it directly, follow this link.
    Choose the user type of ‘Realtor’ (4)

  • Complete the requested information on the Create Account page and view the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Notice.’ (5-1)

  • Accept the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Notice’ (5-2) to proceed.

  • Click ‘Get Started’ (6) and check your email for a verification notice. Be sure to check your spam folder, just in case.

  • myIDFi will confirm when the email has been sent.

  • Click on the ‘Verify’ email link (7) to verify your account.

  • Once your account is verified, you will see the badge stating, ‘Successfully Verified’. Click on the ‘Log In’ (8) button to sign in. You will also notice a notification in the upper right-hand corner (9). As you navigate through the application and complete tasks, additional notifications will also appear in that location to confirm your actions.

Introduction to Account Creation

To create your account on myIDFi, follow these simple steps:

  • Your login screen will appear; verify your credentials, bookmark this page for future logins, and click the ‘Log In’ (10) button.

  • Set up your account by adding your Personal Details (11-1), licenses, bio, and headshot.

  • When your Personal Details (11-2) have been completed it will look something like this. Click on the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

  • Add your Company Details (12-1), bio, and logo.

  • If your Company address is the same as yours (12-2), you may click on the box ‘is the company address identical to the personal address’ to complete the record.

  • Review your Personal on the ‘Preview’ page (13-1).

  • Review your Company Details on the ‘Preview’ page (13-2) and click ‘Done’ to access your ‘Dashboard.’

Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is where you’ll track your clients and lender partners.

Dashboard Features

Your Dashboard (14) is your control center for managing your transactions, Clients, and Lenders.

  • Left-hand Menu (A): Access Client information, your portfolio, Lender bids, and more.
  • Detail (B): Find a summary of your account.
  • Announcements (C): View essential updates.
  • My Lender Portfolio (D): Access Lenders you’ve invited.
  • My Clients (E): See the Clients you’ve referred to myIDFi.
  • Bid Requests (F): Review mortgage bids from Clients.
  • Lender Requests (G): Manage requests from Lenders.

Dashboard Utilities

The Dashboard Utilities are available to help you manage your account and activities:

  • Send Invite (15): Invite clients, lenders, and other realtors to use myIDFi and build your network.

  • Help (16): Submit a support ticket if needed

  • Notifications (17): Stay updated on milestones via email notifications.

  • Profile (18-1): Access and edit your profile information. Click on ‘My Account’ (18-2) to view the details.

  • Click on ‘MyAccount’ to review or edit your profile.

  • Feedback (19): Share your ideas for improving myIDFi.

  • To log out, Click on (18), then on the ‘’Log Out’ Button (20)

  • Click on ‘Log Out’ (21). You will exit to the ‘Log In’ page.


We hope this guide has been a valuable resource in getting you started with myIDFi. Transitioning to a new application can be challenging, but myIDFi is here to streamline your client and lender management and enhance your overall experience.

As you continue to use myIDFi, explore its advanced features, and integrate it into your daily routine, you’ll discover more ways to optimize your business. If you have questions or face challenges, refer to this guide, contact our support team, or explore our online resources—we’re committed to assisting you.

Thank you for choosing myIDFi as your mortgage companion. Welcome aboard, and here’s to a brighter financial future with myIDFi!

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