FIRST PARTY PROBLEMS: Here’s Why The Most Enduring Impact of the FCC’s New Ruling Won’t Be on Lead Generators At All
 Friday, December 15, 2023

Long time readers know I turn off the jets for the last couple of weeks of the year and simply relax with the fam and watch a yule log burn in my back yard. Its a tradition we call “solstice” and I look forward to it immensely each year.

Before I disappear for my long winter’s nap, however, wanted to round out Troutman Amin, LLP’s coverage of the big FCC ruling closing the “lead generator” loophole. 

Ironically, the most enduring impact of that ruling will likely have nothing to do with the third-party lead generation that the Commission was targeting with the ruling.

So, setting the stage for anyone who hasn’t picked this up yet–the FCC just ruled that consumers can only give express written consent to a single “seller” at a time. Plus, calls must be “topically or logically” related to the transaction giving rise to the consent. [Read More]